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Hello new site

My previous site depended on now-defunct software ( and had an ugly Bootstrap 2 theme. So, new broom: a sleeker CSS framework ( and CodeKit as the static-tool helper. I'm pretty pleased so far.

I couldn't be bothered to transition old posts to the new format, so instead I've simply parked it.

Hating on inflight entertainment

Trapped on a long-haul economy flight. The only way to stay sane: critique the inflight seat-back entertainment system.

Online UX Communities

I haven't been an active participant in an online professional community in a long time. Where can you go online to discuss UK work, technique, process, and generally hobnob with your peers? I had a cursory look and didn't fall in love with anything I found.

Performance videos from Akamai

The fine folk at Akamai Technologies got several luminaries of web performance to give condensed versions of their talks, then they applied the RSA-Animates approach to illustrate them. I love this approach, they pack a lot of useful info into under 5 minutes each. Here's Lara Hogan's "Getting Org Leaders To Care About Performance".