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Hello new site

My previous site depended on now-defunct software ( and had an ugly Bootstrap 2 theme. So, new broom: a sleeker CSS framework ( and CodeKit as the static-tool helper. I'm pretty pleased so far.

I couldn't be bothered to transition old posts to the new format, so instead I've simply parked it.

Which UX Community?

I haven't been an active participant in an online professional community in a long time. Where can you go online to discuss UK work, technique, process, and generally hobnob with your peers? I had a cursory look but didn't draw any conclusions.

Performance videos from Akamai

The fine folk at Akamai Technologies got several luminaries of web performance to give condensed versions of their talks, then they applied the RSA-Animates approach to illustrate them. I love this approach, they pack a lot of useful info into under 5 minutes each. Here's Lara Hogan's "Getting Org Leaders To Care About Performance".