Draw your T-shape

with this axure widget


I was wondering what my UX T-shape was, so decided to try to draw it. I had Axure open at the time, so this happened:

Customizable Make your own T-Shape prototype


  • Not just for UX people - relabel the skills to whatever you want. 
  • Draggable bars
  • Customisable name label field. 

This was going to be a prototype for a more attractive CSS & jQuery-based single-serving site, but I ran out of time and interest. 

Still, maybe it will come in useful to anyone who wants to quickly and not-too-attractively illustrate their t-shape. 

Taking it further: Molecular job-hunting 

What if employers posted a "V-shape" and you could visually compare it to your T-Shape? 

Of course this couldn't work, as the measurements of what counts as "deep skills" in one discipline is very subjective. 

Still, I like the ideas as it maps to my high-school understanding of biology, where jobs are like enzymes and people are like molecules - if a good fit is found, the employee gets metabolized into synergy particles or something. 

I made a crap drawing to illustrate this: 


Further reading:

Big IA is now UX (2004) 

What's your T-shape? (2010) by Leisa Reichelt 

is it time to rethink the T-shape?  

Am I an information architect? 



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