New Year 2012 resolutions

Mobile, mobile, mobile. 

I'll fight the next person who says "this project doesn't have a mobile component". Everything is going mobile, or will at least have to acknowledge it. 

Lorem Ipsum no more

No more filler copy.  I work with content strategists - it's time to learn more of their craft, and to coach clients better to put their content first (or at least earlier) in the process. I've yet to have a Content First project, but will agitate for one. 

Find a way of living with Twitter

I need to find a decent content curation or filtering service that can help me feel like I am still connected but save me from drowning. 

Blog more, firstly for myself

Someone said "how do you know what you think until you've tried to express it?" (or thereabouts). I've been reticent with blogging in the past out of a fear of boring people or embarrassing myself. Simple cure - just keep reminding myself that I'm blogging for me, not for (non-existent) readers. Writing for audiences can follow later.

Curate better

I think I've found the right bookmarking service for me - gimmiebar. The visual playback of saved links encourages me to disinter links from time to time (something I rarely did with Delicious), and is fun. 

Sketch moar

My first thought for wireframing always used to be software (Omnigraffle or Axure). So my drawing skills are rudimentary. I can explain ideas to clients but I can't help prefacing it with an apology for the handwriting. Time to fix that. Here's some ideas to get me started.

I will prototype in code (a bit)

All the cool kids are doing it, and it seems like the best way to get my teeth into a responsive design prototyping challenge. I'm looking at kits like, Zurb's Foundation, and WYSIWIG jQuery kits. 

It's fun to teach

I had fun teaching Axure courses to colleagues last year - this year I'm going to take that public. YouTube videos? Free webinars? In person training? All sound good. 

More events

I didn't got to many events - dconstruct, UPA Boston were the biggies. I had my last Oxford Geek Night (sob!) and haven't found a local replacement for that. America nerds seem to stick to the big cities, so I'll try to head down to Boston more for Refresh, Ignite, and whathaveyou.  

I will design for good.

I had some non-profit and socially-worthwhile work last year, and I want to do more. 

Plan my learning

Last year I tried to eat from the entire UX novelty buffet (Content Strategy! Service Design! Behaviour modification! Motivation Design! Responsive! Mobile!). It's too much. My T-shape is in danger of becoming a flat line. I need to pick one or two (or three or four) topics and get deeper into them. Which ones though? 

That's enough to be getting on with. 


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