My week in UX, June 12 - June 20 2012

What have I been up to?

Last week the big news was our first-ever all-company Design Slam. 6 or so teams working on internally-sourced start-up ideas, presenting results at the company picnic. Too much fun - it deserves its own blog post.

The week in links

All of these and more on my Twitter faves page

UX in general

Buzzword of the week (apart from Surface): The Slow Web.

Some is taking another crack at defining UX design. Add it to the pile of definitions.

Gamification run amok? "Earn rewards for taking your medication" with Health Prize. This sounds terrible, but if it saves lives I can't really be grumpy about it.

First things first: a design manifesto (from 1964)

Finally, a long look ahead: building abundance with networks, sensors, digital manufacturing, nanotech. Optimistic stuff.


iOS 6 is bringing API changes to HTML5 (and hybrid app) development.The ability to play audio and upload files in standard HTML pages sounds like a big deal.

Notes to an Agency Starting Their First Responsive Web Project


Meta! A tool collection: Seems well-updated.

Very handy comprehensive browser feature detector,

Very neat Axure stencils - love the blueprint style. Looks like it has a cunning new Fullscreen hack too.

Yet another prototyping toolkit.:

Articles, presentations, events

The Open Internet of Things was getting a lot of attention on Twitter. Storify has the ... story.

Harry Brignull of clear:left breaks down how they went about designing the successful The Week iPad app.

Color is complex. ColorHexa helps.

Lessons from OpenIDEO (youtube)

Design Slam slides
Design Slam whiteboard

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