This week in UX Links, May 25 - June 9th 2012

What's this?

Just juicing my recent links collection for memory-fluids. I've generally not credited the people who posted the links originally, because I am a terrible person.

User Experience links

LinkedIn got hacked, and I suddenly got a lot more invites from people making the switch. I haven't tried it properly yet - and in any case, here's work.fu, who have another approach. Nice design, too. Will look for a comparison review. Which reminds me, whatever happened to

Kano model article at UIE I've been hearing about Kano for a while now (think I've seen at least 3 presentations that introduce it this year alone). This article from Jan 2011 is a nice summary. Next up though, I'd like to hear more about the meat of this - for instance, how to go about actually plotting where you are on a basic needs / delight spectrum.

iA sez: kill your share buttons Nice and blunt arguement for trimming back your unsightly social sharing buttons. I guess I agree, but feel it's an audience-specific decision. Or a client-specific one, at any rate.

Adactio has updated his essential design principles collection:

Free Emotional response cards I love a UX-related card deck (gotta catch em all). THis one you can print yourself. Use it to prompt more honest reactions from test participants on their emotional response to experiences. Next up, Voight-Kampf tests please.

We are color blind Feels a bit depressing to still have to be arguing basic accessibility points with clients here in 2012, but sites like this make it much easier to educate.

An attractive set of photo-personas.
These are all-rights-reserved, but I like the approach. I prefer to use pictures of real people than the model-looking folk here. I guess I could awkwardly ask folk to empty their purses for the shoot?

Replace mood boards with Style Tiles Moodboards are dead, style tiles killed them - much more concrete and useful. Will have to introduce it to my designer friends.

Slidedecks and Presentations

Keep your moderating skills sharp by Susan Mercer (Mad*Pow Colleague)

Courses & Events

The Prototyping in Code bootcamp is back (London). Wish I could go, I'm making some stabs in this direction too but I'd rather learn from the experts.

General Assembly, New York Looks like a nice little UX do, with a fun Etsy talk from their Creative Director too. NY, June 14th.

Web Technology & code

Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming language. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required.

time-saving web design tools, Smashing Magazine

.mobi publish templates Handy!

epub boilerplate! Double-handy, but looks too hard for me. Will probably stick with Sigil, which is ok for a free epub tool.

Visual design

Book cover design in the age of ebooks
Beautiful and essential article for anyone making an ebook today.

The Shape of Design is still out, and I still haven't got round to buying it. Next paycheck.

Blade Runner background magazines reconstructed
Probably my favourite movie of any genre, but I'd never consciously noticed the magazines in some background shots. Well, someone did.

What's up, mobile?

37 Emulators for various mobile devices, OS's, etc.
Be glad if there is an alternative to running the Android emu on OSX - it's a laptop-melter.

If this, then that...for the mobile: onX
Something cool, and for Win Phone! Similar to iffft but with all the phone's API's. Bet Siri does this, around iOS 7 or so.


Blight magazine After my Portland experience, this magazine supporting the homeless of that city struck a chord.

Latest OpenIDEO challenge is up: How can we equip young people with the skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the world of work?. I've yet to enter one of these....maybe this time.

Lucky dip

Video game graphics technology is insane, complex
Dynamic Voxelization presentation from nVidia to a techie audience.

Turn Chrome tabs into full screen apps. Thanks, LifeHacker! Will try it on gmail.

Neal Stephenson wants to make the ultimate sword-fighting game
Or rather, sword-fighting-game-making-toolkit. Great video - most extras of any Kickstarter video? The reward tiers are seemingly absurd though.

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